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He is not your life. He’s merely someone in it. Whether he’s loyal or not, whether he cares as much as you do or he doesn’t, that shouldn’t matter because you ultimately are the person you should care most about. I’m the only one that has to live with me for the rest of my life and I’d rather know I lived my life for me as opposed to living for someone who only lives for them-self. Start loving yourself, in the end you’re all the you have.

Montreal suburban streets

When did social media change the way relationships work? When did social media tell men that it’s okay to be in love with one person but “appreciate” the body of other females all because it’s online, they’ll never meet them. It’s no where near unfaithful. Here’s a way to appreciate the female body, just putting it out there… Why don’t you try appreciating what you have.

Whatever it is I want from you, I know I won’t get it. It’s like the longer you know someone, the more you come to love them, but you begin to wonder why you do. Sometimes there is just no answer, you just do. Nothing is the same as it used to be. And time doesn’t work backwards, so does this mean you can never get back what you once had?